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Local Council Gives Full Support to Personal Carers Agency

Many people are now cared for within their own home, as opposed to a hospice or residential home. Personal carers such as nurses, doctors and social workers may help to look after someone, as well as neighbours, friends, and family members that don’t live with the person. These people all help those who need care and support to continue living independently, by helping them with everyday tasks. Local councils are now giving more control to those who need caring for, by giving them the finances in the form of direct payments, to pay for personal care that meets their assessed needs. This is an alternative to local councils providing personal carers or sourcing them from local agencies. However as an employer the person requiring assistance must consider the employment responsibilities they are taking on. It may be a good idea to seek help and advice from a health care group.

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How personal budgets are allocated

If you think you are entitled to receive funding from your local authority for care services at home then you will need to get in touch with them so that they can arrange an initial assessment. This will be carried out by a social worker. They assess your health, needs and care requirements so that your personal budgeting is accurate. Once you have received your funding it should be used to pay your carer’s wage and to purchase any specialist equipment you require in the home. To make personal budgeting a little easier your local government will send it to your bank account (or to a designated persons’ account chosen by you). This ensures that you will always know how much you are receiving and when so that you always have the funds to pay your carer’s wages. If for some reason you feel that you have not received enough funding, you will need to get back in touch with your local authority so that they can re-assess your situation.

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How to pay for a personal carer

If you have an illness or have a disability you may require the help of a
personal carer. This is someone that will visit your home to help you carry out everyday tasks that you may struggle to do by yourself. They will ensure that you are physically well and able to carry on living happily at home, preventing you from needing to live in a care facility. In order to pay the wages of your carer you will need to contact your local authority and enquire about direct payments. In order to receive direct payments you will first need to be assessed by someone from social services. Once this has been carried out, your local authority will allocate a budget for your care plan and send through regular instalments to your bank account. This money can then be paid to your personal carer for the services they provide, as well as for any specialist equipment you require to help you carry on living safely in your own home.

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Personal Budgets for Individuals

Home care services enable individuals to remain living independently in the comfort of their own homes. Those that believe they are entitled to a personal budget and require care at home need to get in contact with their local authority. Upon completing an initial assessment of your circumstances they will allocate a certain amount of funding for you to use to pay for your care at home. Many individuals employ someone they know to care for them, like a friend or neighbour, however you can also go down a more formal interview route. If you would like to interview carers you may want to think about working with a professional care agency that will be able to aid you in setting up interviews and finding the right person for the job. Rather than you having to take on the responsibility of being an employer, they will employ your personal carer on your behalf.

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Many individuals benefit from receiving home care services

Many individuals benefit from receiving home care services that prevent them from having to live in a care homes or hospice facilities. People require home care services for a number of reasons. Some suffer from illnesses, others have disabilities and some people even need extra support due to their age. The government introduced the idea of personal budgets to give individuals the chance to choose their own carers. Many people are cared for by people they know well, such as friends and family members. Others employ carers after going through a formal recruitment process. Although being able to choose your carer has its advantages, you will also have to take on the responsibilities of being an employer. If this is something that you are not comfortable with, you may want to consider working with a care agency. They will employ your chosen carer on your behalf, ridding you of the responsibilities of being an employer. You get the best of both worlds!

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